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Chopard boutique opening



150th official Chopard store opening in the world and the first in the Baltic States. The Swiss brand Chopard is a leader in the production of the highest quality jewelry and watches. It was a difficult task to accommodate more than 200 guests within walking distance of the new salon at 69 Elizabetes Street. An adventurous decision was made to build an entire pavilion, where the event was held itself, as well located several changing rooms, a separate kitchen area, a toilet area and a dressing room. In less than three days, the stage of Vērmane Garden changed beyond recognition and became a closed Chopard territory. The high status of the event was confirmed by the presence of Caroline Sheffel, co-owner of Chopard, who presented her personal Haute Couture Jewelery collection. The special guests of the evening were the charismatic English singer Phil Strogan and the ballet troupe of the Latvian National Opera, which performed the “jewelry quartet” – an excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s ballet “The Enchanted Princess”. The invited guests included businessmen, public figures and politicians.


Grand Opening






Riga, Latvia